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Your hospital jobs don't necessarily need to be found close to home. There's a great demand for healthcare professionals world-wide, so your experience and qualifications could well just be your ticket to an international career!

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), "Nurses are the largest category of health workers. Nursing personnel make up over 50 percent of the health workforce in every country of the world. In many countries in the developing world, more than 80 percent of health workers are nurses." The demand for nurses is high throughout the world due to an across-the-board shortage of nurses. The global nursing shortage is driven by a number of factors; however the major contributors include growing demand, fewer nurses graduating to replace those retiring and also modifications in managed care.

When applying for an international nursing position, your nursing experience is considered along with your language ability. While a sole knowledge of English may restrict your search to English-speaking countries, there are also numerous hospitals around the world where English is the lingua franca and required for everyday communication and documentation.

As a rule, a working knowledge of English should be able to grant you access to an international healthcare career. If your English ability isn't quite at this level yet, it's worthwhile contemplating an English language school Oxford or an English school Cambridge to improve your English. An in-country study in England is the ultimate way to improve your English. Learn English in London or learn English Cambridge and take advantage of studying the language in its native context. Stop your search for a "curso de Ingles Inglaterra" and start looking for an "English course England." Comprehend, converse and communicate in the English language and know no bounds to your international healthcare job-hunt!

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State Health Departments offer exciting, challenging and rewarding career opportunities in government. Positions include: Public Health Specialists, Medical Scientists, Information Technology Specialists, Microbiologists, Physicians, Nurses, Health Services Consultants and various healthcare support positions...etc.

Careers in state health departments provide competitive salaries, an excellent benefits package and a merit promotion advancement system.


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